Chlamydia Pneunomonia (C.Pneumonia) Panel


This blood tests looks for three antibodies that would indicate exposure to Chlamydia pneumonia (C. Pneumonia) IgA, IgG & IgM. This test is not the test with a similar name that is associated with sexually transmitted disease.

Strong evidence indicates chronic exposure to silent infections that target brain tissue and cranial nerves may potentiate the development and progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Years of existing research have identified Chlamydia pneumonia as a known bacterium associated with acute respiratory infections, coronary artery disease and ischemic strokes. Research has shown the presence of C.Pneumonia in almost 90% of brains of people affected with Alzheimer’s disease, while 95% of people without Alzheimer’s disease tested negative for C.Pneumonia. To date, numerous studies indicate chronic silent infections may potentiate or hasten the advance of Alzheimer’s disease.

Test Preparation For Optimal Results:

No fasting required.

Disclaimer: Your health care provider should evaluate a deviation from normal ranges.