Cyrex Alzheimer’s LINX – Alzheimer’s-Associated Immune Reactivity


Cyrex’s Alzheimer’s LINX – Alzheimer’s Associated Immune Reactivity

The results from your Alzheimer’s LINX™ test provide personalized information regarding environmental and physiological risk factors that may play a role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s LINX™ is the most comprehensive and advanced risk assessment test for cognitive decline. It is performed by ELISA [Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay], the most reliable lab technology for antibody testing.

Features in this landmark new panel include:

  • 7 categories of key contributing factors to Cognitive Decline or other neurodegenerative conditions
  • Nearly 40 biomarkers, many of them offered for the first time anywhere
  • Brand New Blood-Brain Barrier antibody biomarkers
  • New biomarker to test immune reactivity to Amyloid-Beta
  • The eight most cross-reactive foods (out of 208 studied) newly discovered to have a potential association with AD
  • New protein biomarkers that reveal immune reactivity and cross-reactivity to key brain cells and neurons at the heart of AD
  • New Oral bacterial biomarker has shown to be associated with AD
  • Biomarkers for a collection of chemicals and metals discovered to have associations to AD
  • Performed on the Gold Standard ELISA platform, the most reliable lab technology on the market

7 groups of KEY contributing factors:

BRAIN PROTEINS • Assessing reactivity to brain proteins beyond amyloid-beta and tau protein

GROWTH FACTORS • Measuring immune reactivity to factors involved in neuronal regeneration

ENTERIC NERVE, ENZYMES AND NEUROLOGICAL PEPTIDES • Assessing immune reactivity to the communication pathway between the gut and the brain

PATHOGENS • Assessing immune reactivity to pathogens known to cross-react with amyloid-beta

CHEMICALS • Biomarkers for a collection of chemicals/heavy metals discovered to have associations to AD

FOODS CROSS-REACTIVE TO AMYLOID BETA • 8 out of 208 common foods, newly discovered to have a potential association with AD.

BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER AND NEUROFILAMENTS • Blood-Brain Barrier antibody biomarkers • Assess the integrity of the blood-brain barrier

Antigens Tested (IgG):

Brain Proteins:

Tau Protein
Amyloid-Beta Peptide
Rabaptin-5 + Presenilin

Growth Factors:

Beta Nerve Growth Factor
Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor

Enteric Nerve, Enzymes and Neurological Peptides:

Enteric Nerve + Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide
• Transglutaminases


Oral Pathogens
Enterococcus faecalis
Escherichia coli CDT + Salmonella CDT
Campylobacter jejuni CDT
Herpes Type-1


Ethyl + Methyl Mercury

Foods Cross-Reactive To Amyloid Beta:

Egg Yolk, raw + cooked
Lentil Lectin + Pea Lectin
Tuna, canned
Hazelnut Vicilin + Cashew Vicilin
Scallops + Squid
Alpha-Gliadin + Gliadin Toxic Peptide
Non-Gluten Wheat Proteins

Blood-Brain Barrier and Neurofilaments:

Blood-Brain Barrier Protein + Claudin-5
Neurofilament Proteins

Collection Instructions

Cyrex serum specimens may be drawn in-office or at the lab location of your choosing (not Quest or Lab Corp), it does not need to be at a Cyrex contracted facility.

The client is responsible for any fees incurred when utilizing a non-Cyrex-contracted phlebotomy service provider.

Phlebotomy and shipping instructions are provided in every collection kit.

Please note: Cyrex-contracted phlebotomy service providers do not perform collection for clients under the age of 16.

Samples will be processed within 14 business days of receipt at the laboratory.
A copy of your test results will be emailed to you from MyLabsForLife.

Test Preparation for Optimal Results:

This is a Serum (blood) test.
Cyrex Laboratories Blood Draw Instructions will be mailed with a Test Requisition and specimen collection kit upon receipt of payment by MyLabsforLife. MyLabsForLife does not cover the cost of blood sample processing.

Fasting is not required, but please abstain from consuming overly fatty foods prior to your blood draw to avoid sample rejection.

Corticosteroid use and immunosuppressant drugs affect antibody production and therefore may impact test results.

Please consult with your healthcare provider prior to testing if taking these medications.

Please note: Cyrex Laboratories cannot accept samples from NY.

Sample Report

Cyrex’s Alzheimer’s LINX – Alzheimer’s Associated Immune Reactivity

Neurons are the building blocks of the nervous system, which encompasses the brain, the spinal cord, and the enteric nerve network. Neurodegenerative disorders are a group of conditions that primarily affect the brain and cause a selective loss of neurons in the motor, sensory or cognitive systems. Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Lewy body dementia, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis are some examples of neurodegenerative disorders.

Clinical Use

To identify patients at greater risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease or other neurological disorder.

To identify reactivity to triggers of Alzheimer’s disease or other neurological disorders.

To identify the early stage of neurodegenerative processes.

To monitor the effectiveness of lifestyle modifications for Alzheimer’s disease.

Recommended for Those Who:

Are interested in preventing the development of Alzheimer’s disease or other neurological disorders.

Are exhibiting early signs of Alzheimer’s disease or other neurological disorders.

Have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Have a history of gastrointestinal disorders and/or diabetes.

Played high-impact sports.

Are immunoreactive against specific pathogens, chemicals and foods.

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