C- Reactive Protein (High Sensitivity- Cardiac) CRP-c


This blood test measures C- Reactive Protein (CRP-C) levels. C-Reactive Protein is a type of protein produced by the liver that present during episodes of acute as well as chronic inflammatory processes such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, elevated blood sugar imbalances and cancer. Ground breaking research has linked elevated levels of CRP with Alzheimer’s disease. A CRP may possibly be the most precise risk factor for predicting a heart attack or a stroke. Elevated CRP levels may indicate an infective process caused by bacteria, virus, parasite or fungus. Elevated CRP levels have also been noted in certain autoimmune processes such as arthritis. Obesity leads to modest elevations in CRP levels.

Test Preparation For Optimal Results:

No fasting required. (Limit exercise prior to lab collection).

Disclaimer: Your health care provider should evaluate a deviation from normal ranges.