Fibrinogen Activity (Quest)


Fibrinogen is a clot-regulating protein and biological indicator of the stickiness and thickness of blood. Fibrinogen is essential for the formation of a blood clot. A deficiency in fibrinogen can produce mild to severe bleeding disorders.

A fibrinogen activity test is a blood test used to detect a possible bleeding disorder, abnormal clotting activity or thrombotic episodes. This test may also be used in conjunction with other cardiac risk markers such as C-reactive protein (CRP), to help obtain additional information when evaluating risk for coronary heart disease and to help guide therapeutic interventions. Tobacco use increases fibrinogen levels.

Test Preparation For Optimal Results:

If possible, have the lab collected early in the morning or shortly after waking. Do not take supplements on the day of the test. For comparison purposes, have subsequent labs collected close to the same time.

Disclaimer: A health care provider should evaluate a deviation from normal ranges.